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    Help - edit with error check (and save to html5) from animate cc

    graphicsocean Level 1



      I don't know how to create html5 banner. This is my job for client - http://bannerhtml5.worldsecuresystems.com

      Here is link to files - https://mega.nz/#!CQ0ASbYY!PPbzqOhKLF9PCvOhfnig-wzkdjAEOX7sWBS1Sxzhqko


      Who could edit and corect errors? Or create from zero. It is simple. But I don't know now. And also I need html5 template file for Animate CC. 

      Also it should be until 87 kb size for some websites.

      But now I need file. To learn I don't have a time now But in other days I will learn more.



      Very thank you,