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    Very slow Indesign type tool

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      Hi there,


      We are having issues with the speed of some of our indesign documents, despite all of the forums that I have been reading. I hope that by posting the question again, I can find some new info (maybe a miracle cure) and also alert Adobe to problems with the program, again, because we lose a few hours every time we try to work with these terribly slow files.


      Note that we work with Indesign CS6 (it still has a bucket load of problems despite all the nostalgia for it) and that RAM is not a problem for me.


      The type tool on some of our Indesign files is unbelievably delayed. Using it has made us unable to finish the affected documents. It is still possible to work with images.


      We have tried the following indesign tricks:


      • Export file to IDML, re-open and save as an INDD again
      • Package entire file with links
      • Turn off preflight mode (lower left had corner)
      • Open all referenced files while working in indesign (sometimes we link directly to a photoshop file – but I think this trick is meant to be for people working across multiple indesign / word files i.e. writing a book. this trick isn’t helpful because we can’t always have all our photoshop files open (plus PSD files are often smaller than the TIFFs that have been suggested previously))
      • Find and replace any missing or corrupted fonts (font, find font, change all)
      • Update and replace any missing links
      • Disable thumbnails
      • Disable ‘always save preview images’ (preferences, file handling)
      • Change ‘live screen drawing’ to never (preference, interface)
      • Check hyperlinks / cross-references (we don’t tend to use these)
      • Check GREPS (we don’t use these)
      • Use lower case w key to view document without bleeds
      • Install any program updates
      • Delete all links (unsurprisingly this sometimes works but then makes file pointless)
      • Close info (top) panel (window, control)


      This last step does work but it’s impractical to use the program without the main tool panel visible. That the last step works also indicates to me that the problem is something to do with font?


      We have also tried saving to the desk top, which sometimes works.. This also suggests that it is something to do with the long file names or server?


      Has anyone had any success with this?


      Many thanks,