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    [Flash Pro] Add Motion Tween to a Animated GIF Pic

    harshsyd Level 1

      *FIRST - I couldn't find a

      Hi, so recently I'm working on a school project and we've gotta make an animation before this Monday.

      So my issue is that I've got a GIF of a man walking (which already has frames by default to make the man walk) and I cannot add a motion tween.

      So we were taught basically take a car as an example. We import a picture of a car (non-gif; no pre-animated movements), and select it; make it to a symbol (movie clip) and then click on like Frame 30 and "Create Motion Tween" and we moved the picture to the end; which automatically made a path.


      But here I can't do that because when I import the GIF Man Walking Picture, he already has bunch of frame data built in before to make the man move and I cannot figure out how to really add a motion tween to make the man move (of course with his PRE-BUILT animation [the gif makes his arms and legs move]) and make him move across a road I built. So basically I want the man to move from one end to the other using a motion tween (or If there's any other ways to do so?) and alongside with his GIF data which moves his arms and legs.


      Small SS of my timeline:


      *as you see here; the second item/first layer called "Person Walking - 1", thats a GIF image and when I load it, it loads it's pre-animated movements and I cannot create a tween to make the image/man move across one end to the other along with it's pre-built ones again.


      Long but I tried doing Guide and every other acts and I tried googling my head out, spent 4 hours and found NOTHING; ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And our teacher didn't really teach us this type of concept and nor do I have class before it is due, so you guys are my only hope.