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    Using Adobe Animate CC for a Museum Kiosk Display

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      I am starting an interactive museum display project. The piece will be displayed on an interactive touchscreen in an exhibition space for a long time (possibly 10 years).


      I am wondering what is the best tool to use for creating the interactive piece. It will contain mostly text, images and some video. It is a standalone piece. So, it does not need to go online. Should I use the Actionscript 3 features of Animate CC to build this, as a standalone flash file? Or would it be better to build this with HTML 5, using the HTML Canvas part of Animate CC?


      Also, I would like to use click and drag/swipe interaction on the touch screen. Can this be implemented with Actionscript  3/Flash, or does this type of swipe interaction require HTML 5?


      Any advice would be appreciated.





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