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    Spinning Beach Ball on the Mac?


      I've noticed when doing anything serious with Flash on the Mac (both vers. 8 and MX) I get the spinning beach ball icon a lot and Flash has to 'think' whenever I go from one app to Flash, for instance working in Illustrator and Flash side by side. I know Ram isn't the issue because I have 2 GIGS - I'm running this on my Audio production Mac which is a Dual Gig G4, and everything else runs on it flawlessly, but Flash seems to be sluggish. I've tried trashing prefs - I've also heard that Flash is just kind of sluggish on the Mac in general, but I'd like to get some more opinions on this. Does anyone else seem to have the spinning beach ball "Flash has to think for awhile even though I didn't really ask it to do anything" mode? Thanks!