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    Subscription credits not added when expected

    sebag Level 1

      We have been confronting this issue since day one of the subscription. The initial credits were added as soon as we purchased the subscrition, but then we did not receive credits for the next two months. It wasn't until I contacted support through chat and 3-4 followup conversations that ended up in "the issue has been elevated" the credits finally appeared under the account. Then the problem continues to happen consistently. I read somewhere on the forums that the billing date should be the date the credits are added to the account, but we don't receive the credits on that date. Then on my last support email, I was told we receive credits on two different days (we have two subscriptions). Today was one of those supposed dates, yet the credits are nowhere to be seen. It would be VERY helpful to have a log SOMEWHERE on the interface that would detail when credits are added to the account. I can't believe this has not been implemented yet. Anyways... am I really going to have to contact support every time I am supposed to be receiving credits?