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    Filing Formal Complaint For Deceptive Sales Practices


      Does anyone know how I can file a formal complaint regarding deceptive sales and business practices by Adobe and their representatives?  I signed up for a teams membership of CC because the sales person said that it would actually be cheaper than the single membership. I told the sales person that I do not need a team membership because I am the only one using the software. I asked over and over if they were sure and they confirmed yes.  So then we started getting billed at a rate of $39.99, so I assumed that what the sales person told me was in fact true.  A couple years have gone by and I saw in my bank account that since December of this year I have been being charged $69.99.  I was shocked to see this, so I contact Adobe support, who were never helpful and obviously could care less about customer satisfaction.  They made me feel that a single customer like myself was insignificant and disposable.  All I wanted was to be refunded for the months that I was over charged and to be moved to a single membership.  After hours and hours dealing with this I was finally told that I could cancel the team membership and must pay a early termination fee, then buy the single membership.  I am outraged.  How do I file a formal complaint to Adobe and have it reach someone that actually gives a crap?