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    Chrome scale error

    c.val Level 1



      A week ago I found an error that I think its related with a chrome actualization (this used to work ok, and still works ok in firefox). I've created a new project and included jquery library to show it. Dropbox - index.zip


      In the Stage I've created 2 Rectangles and an image (2000x2000px). Then I've added a click event to the image:

      sym.$("table").css('transform', 'scale(2,2)');


      When the image is in the bottom of the stage, the scale works fine, but when the image is in the top or between the 2 rectangles, the scale makes the image blurry.



      Any idea about what is happening? It's affecting to a lot of projects.





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          ddhayles Level 3

          Hi Carlos, I may be not understanding you correctly but the project appears identical for me when I preview both in Firefox and Chrome.


          Can you take a screen shot of it looking blurry so I can get a better understanding of what the issue is?

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            c.val Level 1

            Uppsss, I made a mistake, I've just change the project in the link: Dropbox - index.zip 

            Now when clicking on the table it apears blurry in chrome

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              ddhayles Level 3

              So you managed to fix it just by changing the layers, that is a weird bug.


              I managed to fix it by converting the image to a symbol, i'd suggest you do that same and then you can rearrange the layers as much as you like.

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                c.val Level 1

                Thank's ddhayles, I've converted the image to a symbol. If the scale is applied to the symbol, I get the same issue, if the scale is applied to the image inside the symbol, it shows ok.


                It would be a solution to this particular case, but I've found the same issue in projects with a lot of images where this solution can't be applied. Any other idea?

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                  ddhayles Level 3

                  I think i've got a solution, try changing the properties of the image from div to img see below:

                  Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 13.37.20.png


                  Although annoyingly in Chrome even though the image scales to a sharp image, it doesn't seem to antialias the default smaller image.

                  I'll see if I can see a fix for that.