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    Reloading Lightroom


      I have 2 Lightroom programs... one at work on a work computer with it's own Lightroom (Dell) and one at home my personal computer and program (Dell).  I had to have my computer at work wiped and after that I need to reload the Lightroom program.  Every time I go in and put in my Redemption Code it says, "Oops! This code has already been redeemed using a different Adobe ID."  Each station has it's own and has 2 different Log Ins and passwords.  How do I find out where the problem is?  The one at home works fine.  I tried using both log-ins, I figured why not try?


      Can anyone help me?


      Ms. Beaves

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          GautamBahl Adobe Employee

          Hi Teresa,


          You can see your serial number on the machine where it is already activated from the below location.


          For Mac:  Serial number  /Users/[user name]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Lightroom 6.0 Registration


          For Windows: C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Lightroom\Lightroom 6.0 Registration.lrreg file.


          If that does not help please provide your redemption code via private message and i will email you the serial number on your registered email address.




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            ms.beaves Level 1

            My Redemption Code is REMOVED


            [personal information removed... Mod - https://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-3731]

            [This is an open forum, not Adobe support, please do not post personal information]

            [You have just given your redemption number to everyone who read this message before]

            [I deleted the number... or people who receive all their forum messages via email]


            Thanks so much for all your help!!





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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You were asked to provide information by PRIVATE MESSAGE, not in a public forum


              Hover your mouse over Gautam's avatar and then click the MESSAGE option


              Do be aware that you will now need to ask for a new redemption code

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                GautamBahl Adobe Employee

                Hi Teresa,


                Could you please confirm if you were able to activate Lightroom with the serial no. provided to you via private message?




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                  ms.beaves Level 1

                  Yes, I was able to activate Lightroom!  Thank you so much for all your help, you were great!