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    My AVG Program is Stating the Update to Flash Player is Malware.  Before I delete it can someone verify it is not valid?


      I have Windows Home Premium 7, on a Desk Top Computer, and I was running Mozilla Firefox.


      I installed what I thought was a valid version of Adobe Flash Player Update, that was bundled with McAfee Security Scan Plus; which I did not want.


      Before I could try and run it.  My AVG Internet Security program, identified the File or Directory and Process, as being Malware.  Before I delete it, could someone please verify that the following file is not valid?



      What my AVG Program said:


      Threat:  General Behavior Detection

      Object Name:


      C:\USERS\OWNER\APPDATA\LOCAL\ADOBE\63015D06-B7EC-4305-A8FB-93D07D8934F8\62D2017E-69A9-ACEB -E16797A08104\ECD23B9D-Z83E-4229-B44A-31DF46D12A22.


      (It repeated this twice, once stating it was a File or Directory, and once stating it was a Process).


      (The "C:\USERS\OWNER\APPDATA\LOCAL" part of the file, is where it is located on my computer).




      Is this malware or not?  Should I uninstall it?  If it is a valid file, how do I get my AVG to recognize and accept it?  Please help


      Thank you.