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    Canon MXF Red Frames still- since CC2014 -thats 2+ years with no fix.


      We use Five Canon XF 305's in our workflow for Multicam edits. This has proved to be such a pain since we bought into the Creative Cloud.

      Its been a nightmare of Red Frames and Read Errors.


      I am pretty sure that I am not alone here.

      I am also pretty sure that anyone using MXF is upset Adobe hasn't found a fix.

      They are saying to Import using the Media browser, - this fix doesn't work.

      They say to empty cache- this doesn't work- and costs more time when loading up other projects.

      Pretty much- nothing is working except to go back to PP CS6 and convert all the MXF files to .MOV or something else and then import to PP CC.


      So imagine the headache of taking hours of footage daily from 5 different cams and converting them so the new Adobe Premiere Software can read it. It ties up two computers full time here in our editing department, and we all wait for the conversions at length before we can get started. Such a drag that it won't read these files properly.


      Anyone who thinks they have a fix for these MXF read errors in CC 2015-  I pretty much bet you don't.  It may look good for a while - but it will error eventually. Especially during a multi-cam edit. (I'd love to hear it anyway.)


      So this may be a note to anyone experiencing the grief of MXF red frames- Go to CS6 or some other application and convert the footage before you start. Save yourself some time and tears.


      Heres hoping that Premiere Pro CC2016 will get this dialled right.