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    PDF Links moving


      I have a PDF document that is filled with Links to other PDF documents. When a page in the pdf has been updated, i replace that page and the Links are still there but have rotated and moved. This is not supposed to happen. I have other PDF files where the links don't move when i replace a page. But it always happens to this one file. It may have started when i upgraded to Adobe 10 (DC), not sure.

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          When you replace a page, the interactive elements (e.g. links) are placed on the new page based on the page rotation setting of the old page and the new page. This did not start with Acrobat DC, it has always been that way. Let me try to explain:


          Just because you see that a page looks like a portrait oriented page with text appearing unrotated, that does not mean that the page was actually created that way: Depending on the application that originally was used to create the content, the page may have been created rotated by 90 degrees (looking like a landscape page, but with text that is rotated by 90 degrees). When the page is then placed into the PDF file, it's content does not get rotated, but a rotation flag is applied that tells the PDF viewer "rotate this page 90 degrees counter clock wise".


          If you have links on that page, and you replace that page with a page that was created in exactly the same way, the links stay exactly where they are.


          If however you've since changed the way this PDF page gets created, and the new software creates it in it's final portrait orientation, without the need for the rotation flag, your links will get moved to a different place, and will be rotated.


          If this is happening with just one file, you may be better of just fixing this one page (or one page at a time, whenever this problem occurs). If this is something that happens a lot, you can write (or have somebody write for you) software that takes all annotations on a page and rotates them so that they fit the new page rotation settings. This can be done using JavaScript in Acrobat.

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            kellybMot Level 1

            Thank you for your response.

            The source file is power point. The power point pages have never been rotated, they have always been landscape. I don't rotate anything in the PDF file. I've been working with this same file, both the power point and PDF, for 8 yrs and only in the last year the links have been moving and rotating when i replace a page in PDF. Over the years we have upgraded windows, microsoft, and adobe but still used the same files.

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              Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

              An update of PowerPoint or Windows or a change in the way you create your PDF files could have caused that change.


              Usually, you would not even know that a PDF document was created with a rotated page content, because the PDF page would look exactly like you expect it to look.