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    Moved PC 6' and CS4 InDesign crashes, moved PC back InDesign works


      I am rearranging my work space and moved my Windows CPU/Tower from one side of my desk where it is connected by an Ethernet cable to my network.

      On starting InDesign (now at the right side of my desk and plugged into the network via a different cable) ID stalls/crashes at the Starting Panels load.


      I moved the machine back to the original location (cable/port) and viola it works like it always has.


      So why would moving it physically from one side of the desk *network, to the other cause it to fail?


      Internet browsing and workings are fine it is just the ID only works from the original installation.


      I have switched the ports on my router and no change in outcome.


      I would appreciate any insights.


      Thank you