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    Adobe Premiere Elements not saving videos


      I work on a number of video projects with the Adobe Premiere Elements 13. I currently have some clients who are waiting for their products, but my Premiere Elements 13 has stopped saving videos properly. I always do the AVCHD to my computer with the dropdown selection of MP4-H264 1920x1080p 30. This has always worked for me ever since I started using the programme. However, just in the last week, it has stopped working. It still exports with the status bar in the top righthand corner of the programme, and it still says that it finishes exporting. However, when I find it in my documents and I play it, it only plays halfway through, then sometimes the audio cuts out, sometimes it makes a funny buzzing sound and skips straight to the end of the video, sometimes the audio and the video are out of sync from the beginning. Around the same time, the programme has stopped asking me to update it when I start the programme, so I don't know if that is the problem or not. I tried to update the programme a few weeks ago, and it said it updated, but then it was exactly the same and continued to ask me to update. This continued for a few days, so I started to ignore the box asking me to update, and simply closed it and used the programme. So maybe this saving problem is a result of "not updating" if my update didn't process properly? I have absolutely zero problem playing videos that were exported before this problem began, so the problem is not with my video player - it is with the Premiere Elements 13. Somebody help me please, because I have clients who are waiting for their videos.