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    Read table from data connection




      I am designing a PDF form which has a data connection with SAP which is loading correctly on the mapped fields when the document is generated.

      Apart from those fields I have a requirement to hide tables rows in this form after reading data from the data connection. The table looks like the highlighted one below - ET_COND_TEXT1:


      I have to read the data in the field CCONDTYPE and CCONDGRP. I've tried logic as below but it doesn't seem to be working:

      var lt_cond = xfa.datasets.dataDescription.Z_FM_PNC_CORRResponse.resolveNode("ET_COND_TEXT1");
      var rowCount = lt_cond.nodes.length;
      for( var i = 0; i<rowCount; i++){
      thisValue = lt_cond.nodes.item(i).COND_DET.CCONDTYPE;
      if(thisValue != "BC0269" ) this.presence = "hidden";


      Please help on this.