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      Where is the getDropRowIndex function from Beta 2 Tree control?

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          sebalas Level 1
          I can't find it from Beta 3...
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            u can use

            var dropTarget:List=List(event.currentTarget);

            where List is control u can use ur control in that place for casting

            then u can get index using

            var i:int =dropTarget.calculateDropIndex(event);
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              sebalas Level 1
              I tried with calculateDropIndex, but this function returns the index where I should insert the item in the drop target.
              For instance, if you drag Node 1.1.2 over Node 1.1.1, the calculateDropIndex would return 0 because that's the drop index I should insert Node 1.1.1 in Branch 1.1...

              Branch 1
              Branch 1.1
              Node 1.1.1
              Node 1.1.2

              What i'm looking for is a function that returns me the item i'm rolling over.
              It is working perfectly in Beta 2 with the following code:

              var lDropRowIndex:int = lTree.getDropRowIndex( iEvent );
              var lCurrentDropItem bject = lTree.getNodeDisplayedAt( lDropRowIndex );

              Any ideas?