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    Duplicate printing problem


      When our business prints photos, there are often times (it's not consistant) that Lightroom prints duplicates.  Ever since we upgraded to Lightroom 6, our printers have been printing duplicates for reasons unknown and the problem has persisted for quite a few months now.  We've tried seeing if it was our operating system, the driver for the printer, the software for the printer, seeing if it was because we had two printers on at the same time, and even printing one photo out at a time, all these attempts have failed; but we only have the issue when printing from Lightroom directly to the printer.  We print mass amounts of photos everyday as a part of the work we do and unfortunately don't have the time to transfer to a different program and attempt to print from there so that isn't an option.  Is there any help that can be offered to us to try and find a solution to this issue?  Anything suggested would be appreciated.


      Here's the specs on everything we're running.

      Program: Lightroom version 6.4

      OS: Windows 10

      Printer: DNP DS40

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          try a different mouse or use the Tab key to tab to the Print button then hit enter. Sound like the mouse, or something, is clicking the Print button twice.


          When you send a print to the printer you should get an icon in the notification area that looks like a printer. Double click on that to bring up the Print Queue dialog window and check if there are 2 print jobs.


          You can bring up the Printer Queue before you start the print job to see what is being sent to the printer. If only one Print job shows up then something is telling the printer to print 2 copies.

          View the print queue


          Trash the LR preferences. They will be rebuilt.


          Make sure you aren't using a LR print template that is telling the printer to print 2 copies.