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    Adobe 3.2 Flash encoder says I have a serial Number? Wont Download!

    Natural Nate

      I have used Adobe Flash encoder for 5 years plus. I have used 3.1 and had 3.2. I upgraded my mac to El Capitan and now 3.2 won't work nor will it even download for me. My computer says it has a Beta Version of 3.2 on it and wants a serial number I never got from Adobe. I have uninstalled everything adobe from my computer! EVERYTHING! All files and programs. This message still comes up when downloading from Adobe! I use Mac Keeper to clean any residual files and still the same! I can look up Adobe on the mac and nothing shows! This has been a nightmare for me for MONTHS! What is the deal? 3.1 will not work correctly and I cannot get 3.2? Can someone PLEASE HELP! I have contacted customer support and they ask me for my serial number? I NEVER GOT ONE! I have checked all of my emails for such a serial number and not one message was EVER sent by adobe to run 3.2.

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