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    Blurb Canada site from Lightroom?



        I want to make my first Photo Book.   I see that Lightroom (I'm currently using v4) has a direct integration with Blurb and thus redirects me directly to blurb.com


        However, I live in Canada and thus want to get redirected to the Canadian version of blurb (blurb.ca) instead.


        Does anybody know if it is possible to change the blurb connection within Lightroom to blurb.ca instead of blurb.com?


         Any chance Lightroom 6 might do this instead of v4 which I have?


      Many thanks in advance!!


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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          I think you will find that when you send a book with Lightroom and initially register with Blurb you will be directed to the Canada site for currency & tax reasons.

          You might find Canada Blurb at ca.blurb.com   Also at the very bottom of this site you can choose country.

          In Australia Lightroom automatically connected me to the Australian site.


          Of interest- My initial book orders I believe were printed in Australia, but one re-order was printed in USA!

          So Blurb  is 'Global'

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            GaryVrck Level 1

            Indeed that is exactly what happened once I created my blurb account -- automatically got redirected to the Canadian blurb site.


            Thank you very much!