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    Adobe DNG Converter 8.7, "Extract"


      I downloaded “Adobe DNG Converter 8.7”

      1) Select Folder

      2) Save in Same Location

      3) Select Name for Converted Images

      4) Preferences (leaved this alone)


      Clicked convert, window opened and watched files converted.

      Open folder Bridge, why are the original files still there?

      Why when opening folder with Window Explorer, these new DNG files look like folders?

      I would like to see the actual photograph.


      Also can someone tell me what “Extract” is for?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Last question first: Extract is for when you’ve used Embed Original Raw as an option when creating the DNGs, which makes them twice as big but you can get the original raw back out if you need it, later, for use with software that doesn’t understand DNGs.  Personally, I don’t convert to DNG and just leave my original raws because my software is up-to-date and doesn’t require they be converted to DNG.


          Convert doesn’t erase the original files, it just creates new DNG copies.  Windows Explorer probably doesn’t have a codec to show you the embedded preview so they look like unknown files, probably not folders, exactly, but no image thumbnail, at least. 


          Bridge should be showing you both the original raws and the new DNGs, right?  In Bridge you can filter by extension/type so you could select the non-DNGs and delete them or at least move them to another folder.  You probably want to make sure there are the same number of DNGs as non-DNGs in case some of the files got skipped.