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    File Deployer: .lck and template files showing up in File Deployer log?

      This is our second installation of CPS, but this time around a new issue has come up where the file deployer list is including files that should not be migrated from the staging site to the live site....

      In our previous project when we installed the file deployer for a client the deployer log only listed web pages and assets like images and other documents, so when the site content managers would go to deploy the files from staging to live only those kinds of files would show up in the list. This time around with the new installation macromeda/adobe files such as .lck and template files are also showing up in the deployer list.

      Any idea why this would be happening? It's not causing any major problems, but it does clutter up the log file and consequently, the deployer's web GUI interface. Eventually that list is going to get very cluttered. The only differences between this install and the previous one are:

      * it's in a unix vs. windows environment (Sun Solaris).

      * We've set up Dreamweaver integration for a Dreamweaver user on the staging site.