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    Ram 32 to 64 GB?

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      My system is: CPU: I7-4930K 6 core (12 hyperthreads), Asus X79-DELUXE, EVGA GTX 780 TI 3GB, Cheivtec 1200w PSU, Win 8.1 pro 64bit, PPro CS6 (soon updated to CC), LR, Resolve. working with Canon MXF files, AVCHD, Adobe Pro Res, -

      Ram: KINGSTON Hyper 32GB KIT of 4 1.65V KHX21C11T3K4/32X


      1. I am looking to improve my current PPro system and i wonder if its worth to upgrade RAM from 32 GB to 64GB?


      2. if its worth i would do it. and would like to hear your opinion. But there is also 1 problem! and i wonder what would be my choices?

      My ram KHX21C11T3K4/32X - does not available locally any more and seems like i cant find it any more in Europe


      so i contacted Kingston but i am not sure how trusted the info really is:


      Based on the information of your motherboard you provided our R&D department suggest the following memory: HX321C11T3K4/32

      HX321C11T3K4/32 is our closest shipping equivalent, which would run at XMP profile 1 2133MHz with his existing RAM, albeit at slower timings than currently.

      The kit you have may be available from 3rd party re-sellers, but we do not have it in our portfolio any longer due to lack of available parts.


      Please note that this part number has not been tested directly on your motherboard and therefore we are unable to guarantee 100% compatibility. However, it is compatible with the specifications of your system.

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          • Your system today seems pretty balanced
          • Your current sticks are 1.65v, so adding 4 more sticks would be pushing things really hard
          • Aside from the voltage concerns, there could be other compatibilities as well with the mis-matched RAM
          • Any RAM you purchase now will be throw-away for any future MB/CPU upgrades that you consider; the cutover to DDR4 is pretty much complete for any option you would consider to use for PPro


          So, I would suggest skipping this upgrade and savings towards either a further reaching CPU/MB/RAM upgrade or upgrades to your drive(s). You don't mention your drives here, and SSDs are becoming less expensive, faster, and larger, so adding a SSD (or two, or three, or four) might be another way to upgrade your current build and in a way that would benefit any future upgrades or system replacement in the future.



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            You do not want to mix and match models of ram. The boards do not handle asynchronous timings very well which often leads to problems. Even if you find the same model ram Kingston may have changed the dram chips on the current DIMMs to a different manufacturer than the ones you have. That means they would not work with the current modules anyway. I would plan on replacing all of them and look for 1.35V DDR3 or 1.5V DDR3 if you want to upgrade. If you use AE and Premiere then you definitely want 64GB. You would want 64GB ideally with 4K media as well. Upgrading ram with Adobe is never a bad idea at this point since Adobe uses a massive amount of ram if the system has it available especially with 4K media.