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    Work Area and Tracking Camera! Please Help

    Atmosfear Level 1

      I have a clip that is about 2 minutes. I want to use the entire clip as it is but I would like to track the camera for the first 5-10 seconds so I can put in 3D text to move through. I can do this, but the problem comes when I want to use only the first 5 seconds. Do I extract the work area? I did this originally but I do not know if I can bring the rest of the clip back after Im done putting in the 3D text.


      The next thing I wanted to do is learn how to overlay another clip that is downsized into the bottom corner for part of the clip that comes up after the text is cleared. Could anyone help me out with this? It would help me out a LOT if I could figure out the workflow for this.


      Also after I'm done with this clip how do I do the rendering and then export phase??



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Let's make it short: Read the help. Seriously, all of your questions are basics and if you don't even know how to scale a layer, then there's not much point discussing anything else.



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            Atmosfear Level 1

            Sorry I do know how to apply a second video, move and resize it so its in the corner. That isn't too hard.


            The biggest problem Im facing is having to extract the work area, tracking the camera for that segment that I wanted to add the 3D text, and then somehow being able to get back the rest of the video. I tried analyzing the whole video but it took a long time and it ended up failing. I move a lot in the shot and in the start, where Im stationary, is where I wanted to add the 3D text.


            I did read the help and got the basics but I figured I could get a faster answer for what I'm trying to do on here.

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Just split your layer where you want the tracking to stop. That way you have two layers. Track the layer you want.


              It would really help you out to go through the resources linked here.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                If you want to track only a part of a shot just split the layer or make a separate comp with just the part of the shot you want to track. The work area has nothing to do with it. Split a layer at the CTI by pressing Shift + Ctrl/Cmnd + d.


                To learn how to use AE start here:  Basic AE.  It will take you forever to figure out how it works if you just poke around and ask questions on forums. To explore specific topics like camera tracking just type camera tracking in the search help field at the top right corner of AE. It's you best and fastest way to get to the training you need. AE is not an app designed to be used by amateurs by giving them automated solution at the click of a button. AE is an app designed to give a visual effects and motion graphics professional the tools to successfully combine the sometimes hundreds of elements that are needed to create a 4 or 5 second composite. After Effects is not the right tool to edit your 10 second track into a 2 minute movie. You create your composite then you edit in Premiere Pro. Smart AE users do not process a single frame more than they need to in AE and they edit their story in Premiere Pro or their favorite NLE.