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    Best workaround with 1:1 previews




      I am struggling with my workaround and would love to tryout the preview function in LR.


      Here is the workaround I use for several years:

      1. I import the dng files with LR to my internal HDD
      2. After developping I export the wanted files to another folder in jpeg
      3. I copy the dng files to my onedrive backups


      In my opinion this is a very unaffective workaround. Do you have a better one and want it to share with me??

      That would be great!!!


      Thanks in advance and have a nice day!


      Kind regards,


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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Martin


          I only keep the DNG files in the catalog. I can export a jpeg at any time.

          I import to my fast internal drive and usually leave the images there for a couple of months. I also make a backup of the DNG’s.

          After two months, when all my editing is finished, I copy the dng files from the internal drive to an external drive, right-click on the folder name in the LR Library and choose “Update Folder Location”

          Lightroom automatically updates the catalog links and I delete the DNG’s from the internal drive.


          I generate standard previews on import and 1:1 previews as needed, e.g. for images I want to check the sharpness of focus. Eventually 1:1 previews drop out of the cache and get replaced by new ones.

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            I do basically the same as above except I have all my images on the internal drives of my main desktop computer and have at least 2 backups of them on external drives and or other desktop computers on my network.


            With the cost of hard drives and the space available on them, up to around 4TBs these days, I see no reason to copy/delete or Move images from the internal drives to external drives. Other than to make multiple copies of them, and all of my important files, on external drives.

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              ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

              Not sure mine is any better.


              Raw files are copied from the memory cards to the internal drive (personal images) or external hard drive (events/sports).

              Photos are organized into directory trees, first round of triage is done (grade A, grade B, delete me now).

              Images are backed up onto a backup drive.

              Grade A images are imported into lightroom using "add", grade B images are deleted.

              Standard "auto" previews are generated during the import.

              Second round of triage and directory sorting and rating.

              Images added to collections as needed.

              High rating images are edited and exported.

              Exported JPGs are uploaded to the web site.

              Event/sports originals and exports are archived to DVD.

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                martinb57168628 Level 1

                Trying in progress! :-)


                Have a very nice day!

                Thanks allot everyone!!