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    How can I retrieve previous version of InDesign CS6 document when Revert is gray?


      Windows 10 / InDesign CS6

      Please help me recover my previous version if it can be done and/or let me know how to find the InDesign Recovery folder in Windows 10.

      What can you do when you accidentally close a document without saving, and then realise it was a mistake, but "File/Revert" is greyed out?  I seem to have lost one whole day's work (2 days ago, terminated by a power outage) - the changes were retained on opening up the document today, but when accidentally closed instead of saved (distracted by a phishing phone call at the time) ALL those changes from 2 days ago have gone - not just a few made today.


      File/Revert is grayed out, and I don't know where to find the  "InDesign Recovery folder contents" - location for Windows 10 is not listed at Recover documents if InDesign crashes or hangs and nothing comes up when I search for this folder.


      There is SOOO much carefully crafted work in these lost changes  - the prospect of recreating it is incredibly depressing - so if the previous version is recoverable somehow, I would really appreciate knowing how to get it.