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    Mouseover  + gotoAndPaly

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      Im working on so called "expandable web baner" at the moment, and have a problem with mouseover function.


      There are Two Keyframes on the timeline - one is called "HalfFrame" and the second one "FullFrame". Both they have actions at the end in a timeline, where the actual scene ends - this.gotoAndPlay("HalfFrame");  (Or FullFrame). So in this way when i open HTML, animation loops just in the first section - HalfFrame.


      Problem appears, when i try to add mousover event to expand (play "FullFrame") when mouse hovers a ClickArea

      This is a code:


           var frequency = 3;


           this.ClickArea.addEventListener("mouseover", fl_MouseOverHandler);

           function fl_MouseOverHandler()





      If i write mouseover function e.x.    alert("Ooops. FullFrame");    it shows mouseover works precisely as it should be. If i write anything else - nothing happens.

      Does only "alert" function works with mouseover ... can't believe it!



      Please help. What i do wrong?