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    XML-RPC *confused*

    elGrandeAdi Level 1
      Hi guys,

      Sorry to really bothing the community here with my 'ahm - i have no clue' questions. I just started a new job that involves a lot of technology issues I haven't worked with before. So, I'd appreciate some help.

      Currently, the marketing department of my company is evaluating an email marketing tool. My department has to evaluate if an implementation of their API into our website (so that the marketing department can work from one site only) is working well. And that's my job to do. I've never worked with webservices and such before. So I did some reading. The way I understand it is that I can call the API through XML-RPC. But I'm a bit stuck now. Per example, I found the following CFC:


      If I understand this right, this parses CFML to XML-RPC and vice-versa. But how would I call the host of the API and methods of the API.

      A co-worker briefly mentioned, that it should be easy to call that API and its methods through a webservice. However, that confused me even more, as all webservies I can find (i.e. on www.xmethods.com) seem to be very specific and not generic, so that I could call any API out there. Does such a generic webservice exist? Would this be secure? (You see. I'm definitely confused here.)

      Sorry, if this is absolutely stupid. I'm trying to hang in there - but it's a small step for you but a big leap for me.

      Thank you for any help, tips, links, tutorials, etc.