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    How to replicate an image through adobe after effects?




      I'm making a motion graphic animation about the function of the eye as part of my school project. I only have 2 months experienced with it, I know some basic stuff but I still struggle to use adobe after effect at some point. I'm stuck on the first step trying to replicate this diagram of an image:




      I want to replicate it shape by shape but struggling the eye parts in front of the lens especially making the iris and conjunctiva part. Here is what I've manage to replicate so far: I know it's not good but it's the best I could do in an hours time


      Human Eye Pic.JPG

      Unless if there is a quicker way to replicate the whole lintier image I need help on creating the bump shape like in front of the lens. For example, "aqueous humour" has a shape of a circle but cut in halve. It's hard to replicate that circle since we could only scale the whole circle but not one side of it at a time.


      Also, I do not have adobe illustrator, and I'm new as well . So I would like to ask if you can keep the instructions simple and detailed? Thank you