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    Audio not exporting with extreme time stretched clips


      I'm building a video where a lot of things are sped up at different rates, and I'm using clip-time stretch to do so. Whenever I go faster than a certain point, like around 800% speed, the audio previews just fine, but will not export. I'm not using -maintain audio pitch, doing so doesn't fix it and causes it to drop out on the preview. I've tried using a pitchshifter effect, which improves the preview sound, but again, doesn't fix the export. I've separated the clips from the audio, I've exported just the audio only, and I've tried time remapping - which doesn't do anything to the audio and doesn't go past 800% anyway. The only workaround I can think of is to speed up all the clips I need to 800, export, (sometimes more than once) then re-import those clips back into my main timeline and speed them up even more, but I'd really like to avoid that because it'd likely kill my video quality.


      I realize the audio gets to be a garbled mess at those speeds, but for the video's consistency, I want the audio to play anyway. I knock all my sped up track's audio down to -15db, and have a soft music overdub going on for the whole video. This is mostly just to make my videos shorter and more dynamic, there's some long and slow processes I'd like to show completely, but I don't expect a viewer to sit through it if I can't speed it up properly and get on to the next bit. Some of these clips go as high as 4000% - showing several minutes of footage in just a few seconds. Fairly easy to follow what's going on in the video, but kinda jarring when the audio drops out for 10 seconds. I just want to export exactly what I'm getting in the preview - even if it's nothing more than a buzz or hum. I guess I could get rid of the sound completely, but music alone for most of the video is not what I'm going for.  I do have a few time lapses to deal with, but those are quite separate from the rest of the video - hours going by in seconds, with it's own music and narration.


      Fully updated Elements 14.1