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    Animate CC: HTML5 Canvas Bug? Or..


      Hi There,


      I trust a reader with the appropriate knowledge will assist me in my request for help.


      Here is what I'm working with.

      Tactical Rehab


      I have simple buttons on the shoulder and knee, which as you can see work fine. Simple.


      However, my problem lies on the ankle movie clip. I desire for a slideshow movie clip to pop up, then go away as expected on mouse-out.

      Everything works fine except, as you can see, it disappears when the mouse is over either the black arrows or the line in the middle. Strange! As there is absolutely no code associated with the line or the arrows that would make it disappear. It's just a brush drawing..

      Here is the code on main timeline. SS is the slideshow.


      this.SS.visible = false;
      this.Ankle_Button.addEventListener("mouseover", over.bind(this));  
      function over()  
      this.SS.visible = true;
      this.SS.addEventListener("mouseout", out.bind(this));  
      function out()  
      this.SS.visible = false;


      I removed the slideshow code within the "SS" movieclip, and the problem still persists; so I know it's not related to that code.


      Why would it disappear? This has to be a bug, no?


      I initially tried to just put the Slideshow movie clip on the over stage of the button (which is what I would prefer), but the overstate of a Button Symbol does not allow for the functionality of the slideshow (Hence why it's currently changed to a movieclip symbol).



      Thanks for your help,