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    Including Flash movie in "real" movie

      a friend needed urgently my help. He is creating a 3D-film illustrating a complicated machine. To show how the machine works I imported a jpg-file into Flash and created an animation on top of it. Now we have the problem thet he can't work with either swf or mov files I exported with Flah 8 pro. Premiere and other movie programs import the film as one picture, but can't play or convert it into something that makes sense. So he can't include my work into his and deadline is approaching. Also I can't find a possibility exporting my whole animation (with several layers and tweens) into single pictures I could manage to make into one film in Premiere or iMovie.
      Question is: How can I include the swf or mov in Premiere or how can i convert it in something like wmv or avi.
      I would be greatful for any help or suggestions you could give me. Thanks in advance!