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    Multiple links


      I design for rwd and now with the possibility to create several links i though that i would be able to eg create a link for desktop and one for mobile? But when I created a new link for the mobile version I don't understand how I´m supposed to get back to update my desktop version (which was the first link i created). Feel stupid here but how to I update different links in one file?

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          Corrinna Rainwater Adobe Employee

          Hi Rebecca,


          This is true, right now there is a limitation and you can't go back to share to the first created URL. This is on our radar and we will support several flows in the future. There is a feature request in user voice and you are welcome to vote on it: Multiple links – Adobe XD Feedback : Feature Requests & Bugs

          You can also leave comments and explain how you would expect this feature to work.


          Thanks, Corrinna

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            rebeccab94757845 Level 1

            As I said i work with responsive design and want to work with all screens in one document so that i can se that they all follow the same logic. How ever would I like to prototyp them all and test on different devices how it works. For us it's standing phone, landscape phone, standing tablet, landscape tablet and desktop. So instead of everything being greyed out when updating/creating a new link, what about making a dropdown of the name so that i can choose what prototype within this document i want to update? Would also be nice to be able to change startscreen here.