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    cgi.http_url blank output


      Yesterday morning I updated CF11 to update8, on a windows 2012, iis 8 box.


      As I was reviewing one of my application logs, I noticed that from the time the server updated and forward that one of my values went blank.


      CGI.http_URL was tracked on session start as part of my marketing logs.  It is no longer tracking as of Update 8.  I have tried to rollback to update 7 but that did not resolve my issue.


      Upon googling, I see that this use to be an issue that was fixed and appears to have returned with the new Update.

      Bug#3758070 - CGI.HTTP_URL Missing when using IIS


      Obviously there must be something else that the CFAdmin rollback feature didn't roll back.


      Is there anything that can be manually updated until its fixed again?