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    Mass Migration of InDesign Data


      Hello, my name is Tucker and I have a quick question regarding the migration of InDesign data to a new server environment. We recently began supporting a company who is accessing all of their InDesign data from a NAS device, however we just rebuilt their infrastructure and are planning to migrate all of that data to their new WIndows Server. We found out that a large amount of the content contains linked data, and I am wanting to ensure that we do not break those links during migration (they are a publishing company who can afford very little downtime). Is there a way to do a mass migration of the data and not have to relink all of the content individually with each user (such as a tool that would point everything to the new location). I plan on keeping the folder structure the same, just copying everything from the NAS to the server. Any ideas or pointers would be greatly appreciated as this is my first time working with InDesign.

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          Tiki-Monger Level 1

          Hi there, I work for an ad agency and interface between the creative dept and technology (experience on both sides). I have a bit of experience with this, but I'm not a technical expert, so please keep that in mind. Over the 19 years I've been here, we have had to migrate our data multiple times to a new server, including InDesign files and their links in various directories. Everytime we do this the links break. The issue, as far as I'm aware, is that InDesign uses the entire directory path to find the location of the links. If anything in the path changes, including just the top directory level like the name of a new server, the links break. It's always painful, but luckily only needs to be done once per file, then they are back on their way.

          We are having a weird issue where links are breaking immediately after saving a doc to the server and closing it. They link, save, close, open it again, and the links are broken. As a possible band-aid for this until we figure out what is going on (could be server related), I found this utility, which is only $4.99. I haven't tried it yet, but could be helpful for your users. http://www.drscripto.com/?p=8

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            Because a move from one server to a different I have decided to package any project for future use. It is also important as the danger would be huge that someone else edits a linked file without knowing that this file has been used in that form in a different file.

            Therefore I recommend to you to package any INDD file or at least INDB files, where these INDD files belong to, before moving to the new server, after packaging you can move the whole package.

            There are scripts available or plugins, like those from Zevrix, which allow mass conversion and packaging of multiple files. I would recommend buying a licence and use this.