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    Where do I put fonts?


      That's it. For CS6, used to be Users>Library>Fonts. Now, I'm using fonts that I can't find anywhere and at a loss where to install new fonts. Thanks

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What InDesign version? What computer platform?


          Any version of InDesign will read the fonts if you store them in the place used on your operating system for storing fonts. With one exception, InDesign doesn't store fonts, it uses fonts the same way as any other Adobe application.


          If you were on a Mac OS X version, your [home folder] > Library > Fonts would be one location. (Not in the Users folder). Another would be [computer] > Library > Fonts. The former is for your user only. The latter for all the users on the computer.


          InDesign does have a special Fonts folder in the Applications folder in case you have an oddball font that doesn't work in a system location.

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            trackhorse Level 1

            Hi Steve,


            Using Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. All on Creative Cloud

            (2015.2.1). OXS 10.11.4

            I think the overall problem is a result of the fact that my hard drive

            crashed about 8 weeks ago. I got a new machine, but all apps were

            lost—and/or misplaced— in the data recovery process— including, it seems,

            many fonts. So I think I'll have my IT guy look "under the hood" and try to

            straighten it out. Thanks very much for your help





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