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    ColdFusion 11 or ColdFusion 2016 & MS Exchange 2013

    De Jonghe Level 1

      First off is connecting to Exchange 2013 supported by either ColdFusion 11 or ColdFusion 2016? 


      If so what are the steps to getting cfexchangeconnection to actually connect?  Our current setup is CF11 and Exchange 2010, and everything is working as expected.  I can connect, fetch calendar events, read email, move email to other folders, etc.


      I know there are some special settings on Exchange and IIS and OWA to be set, but what are they specifically?  Is there some sample code of how to get cfexchangeconnection going?  What's with the form based authentication?  What's the default URL for form based authentication on OWA for Exchange 2013?