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    Erratic CS3 movie behavior while playing

    Glo Haya
      I have 2 CS3 Flash movies deployed on two different servers. Both have erractic behavior. When I test both movies on my PC inside Flash( Control-Enter key), they work fine. However, once I move them to their respective sites, wierd things begin to happen:

      1) Movie 1 - Using Actionscript 3 to duplicate some stars and move them across the page - works fine on my PC and site. Using Actionscript 3 in the same movie to duplicate an animal and move them across the page - works fine on my PC, but does not work on the site. In other words, only the stars are being duplicated and moved across the stage once the movie is on the site.

      2) Movie 2 - On an entirely different site. Using Actionscript 3 to load in 2 different external htm files into dynamic text fields on 2 different scenes in the movie. Each external htm file has its own external css file as well. Each scene uses a scrollbar component. Both scenes work fine when tested on my PC. When the movie is moved to its site, it becomes very erratic. The text sometimes shows up and other times does not. Sometimes I will move to one of the other scenes in the movie and go back and the text will show up and other times it will not. The scrollbars are there but do not provide the ability to scroll down to the remaining text (on those time when it does show).

      Thinking it might be the Player, I downloaded the Flash player again. Unfortunately, that didn't change anything. I've used 3 different computers at my house and get the same behavior on all 3. Oh, yes, I'm using XP, but I've never had this problem before.

      Any ideas you have would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your feedback.