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    TypeError: this.getOCGs is not a function


      I have a couple hundred files that have common layer names and I need to set the default for a few of them to off. Here is the script I am currently using:

      var aOCGs = this.getOCGs(0);
      for(var i=0; aOCGs && i<aOCGs.length;i++) { 
              if(aOCGs[i].name == "0"||aOCGs[i].name == "A-SCAL"||aOCGs[i].name == "X-TTLB") aOCGs[i].initState.constants.states.off; 

      The error i'm getting TypeError: this.getOCGs is not a function. I'm fairly certain this isn't a syntax issue so if you need any more info then I can provide. Thanks in advance for the help!