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    Background Mode Geolocation


      App that runs on iOS and Android, built using Phonegap Build.


      The app does background mode geolocation, records the coordinates to a local database to be sent to the server later. Very simple, not a lot going on here.


      My app is currently built using the GitHub - katzer/cordova-plugin-background-mode plugin, which works great as far as operation of the app and very easy to set up. Unfortunately, the Apple App Store dislikes this plugin and regardless of how many times I appeal they keep rejecting it. They say it uses an audio component that is un-needed and thus not allowed.


      The only other background mode geolocation plugin I have found is Cordova Background Geolocation (Premium) – Transistor Software which looks great, lots of power, though more complicated to get setup. The creator is very responsive and has been great at answering my questions.  I hope to use this plugin for a future project, but in the case of my current project it has a couple limitations. 1) does a geolocation based on a minimum distance traveled and 2) relies on a cellphone tower change event.


      My client wants a new location every 15 mins regardless if they have moved or not, the time interval is important for what they are using the data for.  I can probably come up with some work around for that, but the App is also being used in a remote location with just a single, or no cell tower, covering the area, which means its possible the tower change event would never occur.


      So my questions:


      1) are there any other phonegap plugins that will allow background mode geolocations?

      2) anyone found a way to get the background-mode plugin to be accepted by the App Store


      Thanks for your help!