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    Placing Charts in Indesign & Chart Creation


      Hi all,


      I've done some research on this issue, but can't find a good answer for what I'm trying to achieve. I'm building 2, 100+ page reports for a client, and they have a large amount of charts, tables and graphs (somewhere around 100+) and normally I would custom make the charts in Illustrator, but for such a high number of charts, I simply don't have the time to do that. Illustrator also doesn't seem to be able to handle some of the more complex charts they have, so that's not even an option in some cases unless I literally draw the chart from scratch using no data, so it leaves me very susceptible to errors.


      So to save myself a massive headache, I'm hoping to just format them in Excel and bring them into the Indesign book. From what i've read -- I can only do this via copy/paste and there's a chance I won't have good resolution for print. Is there any way around this? Can I directly import the charts (all sorts: pie, bar graphs, tables, line charts, etc.) into InDesign any way, or is copy/paste only way? If anyone knows the best means to go about this that doesn't require tacking on an extra 50+ hours to my job, I would really appreciate it. Even if it means using completely different software to automate the chart creation process. Thank you!