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    Getting bitmapped images into an AI Character Animator puppet


      One cannot use gradient fills and such on a Character Animator puppet that is designed in Illustrator.  I prefer working in Illustrator when drawing but Character animator won't display gradient fills and such.  I really the texture and have tried workarounds like placing bitmapped images (or rasterized gradient meshed images)) on an Illustrator puppet layer (figuring that if one can actually used a PS designed puppet then the whole business of using bitmapped images can't be a big deal).  Well, that doesn't work.    Anyone have any ideas?  Yeah, I can do the whole thing in vector stuff but, like I said, I really miss the texture of gradient or gradient meshed imaged.  Now that I think about it, having the freedom to use any bitmapped images in an Illustrator puppet and then using that puppet in a Character animator would be a very cool feature.