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    foreign text in actionscript

      hello, im developing a site in a different language and have created a dynamic text box to display a result. when i copy the translated characters to the actions panel, they turn into boxes.

      for example i want to do this:
      on (release) {
      if (!comments.length) {
      status1 = "请输入阁下的意见";
      } else if (Email eq "") {
      status1 = "电子邮件有误";

      can flash 8 actions identify foreign characters?

      i have read if i post this in the first frame: System.useCodePage = true;
      and supplied a UTF file it should work, but if that is the case how do i write it?

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          Rothrock Level 5
          All you need to do is create an external text file (XML is a good way to go), save the text file as UTF8, and then bring that into Flash. Do you have experience with any of that?

          Don't use System.useCodePage unless you are using a Chinese (I'm guessing that is what language those are.) and you expect your users to be using Chinese encoding and providing Chinese encoded text files.) I think. the whole System.useCodePage is something that seems to get thrown in and it generally mucks up the waters and provides a less encompassing solution rather than a standards compliant and more accessible solution.
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            Juankpro Level 2
            If you want to program inside flash and still edit in another languaje you should go to Edit > Preferences. Choose the ActionScript preferences and in the combo box labeled Font you should choose a font that supports Unicode Characters that is, many languages characters. The Courier New font by default does not supports Multi language. You must have installed a font that supports this fonts of course. Like the Arial Unicode font that comes with Microsoft Office. You can download some of this fonts too.
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              Hunnie Level 1
              hello and thanks juankpro that did work, but now my input text doesnt work. i used the font arial unicode for that as well and its not working. do you know where i can find a downloadable font for chinese? thanks a bunch!!
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                Hunnie Level 1
                ok found a solution for the input text box:

                Edit > Preference >
                Select "Text" and mark "Input Method" - Japanese or Chinese (since that is what im using)
                I've selected Arial Unicode MS for my font, and sure enough it works !!