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    Acrobat DC Scripting


      I am new to working with forms in acrobat, and am having a hard time figuring this part out.
      If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it!


      So I have a form that I've created in acrobat DC.

      I have an array of feilds "WeightObj 1 thru 8:" They are displayed as a percentage value using the following Java Script:


      // Custom Format script for text field 

      if (event.value) event.value += "%"; 

      // Document-level function 

      function DigOnlyKS() { 


          // Get all that is currently in the field 

          var val = AFMergeChange(event); 


          // Reject entry if anything but digits 

          event.rc = AFExactMatch(/\d*/, val); 



      Then the following Custom Key Strokes:


      // Custom Keystroke script 





      This works like a charm but I'd like to accomplish the following:


      1) Limited the values in each field not to exceed 100%. (0-100)

      2) At any point if the total of the array of values exceeds 100% an alert like:

                 "The total of the individual fields can't exceed 100%"

      3) At the completion of that array of fields not totaling 100% another

      alert to warning the user that the total must be %100;


      I hope I am making since here.....
      Thanks and have a wonderful day!