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    User presets get reset when I edit in Photoshop

    markdub Level 1

      Here is my workflow.

      Import photos into Lightroom.
      Click on Edit photo in Photoshop (Cmd-E)
      Work on the photo

      Save and close
      Make Lightroom Adjustments.


      If I need to re-edit the photo in Photoshop, I open it from Lightroom, Save it in Photoshop, then close it.. All of a sudden, all of the adjustments I made in lightroom disappear. It goes back to the original.


      I can go back into the History and click the last change I made, and it comes back.. but it's very annoying.  Any solutions to this?


      Mac OSX 10.11.4
      Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.1.2
      Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.5