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    Can no longer edit links


      I have many documents sent to me in Word format which contain hundreds of links to external webpages. The documents must be converted to PDF format AND once in PDF, I have to change each link to force it to open in a new window.


      I used to be able to simply edit the PDF and change the link to a javascript that would force the link to open in a new window.  However, just within the last week when I try to edit my PDF, nothing shows up as a link which can be edited anymore. There is a link there because viewing the PDF in Acrobat or Reader show the link is there and works.


      I am converting from Word using the built-in Acrobat PDF Maker, haven't changed any preferences in Word and am using Acrobat Pro 10.1.16.


      What has changed? Why can I no longer edit the link and modify to my javascript?


      Any insight would be appreciated.

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          What looks like a link is not necessarily a link... If you have text in your document that Acrobat or Reader recognizes as a link (e.g. http://www.adobe.com), and you've configured Acrobat or Reader to "Create Links from URLs" in Preferences>General, then such a URL will have link behavior, but will not be a true link (e.g. you cannot modify it's behavior).


          Is it possible that the document you are working with does not have link annotations (meaning "real" links), but only has URLs that Acrobat or Reader recognized?


          There is a function to automatically convert URLs to "real" links via Tools>Document Processing>Create Links form URLs


          Once that is done, you can edit the link behavior again.

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            LBarton Level 1

            Thank you for your response.  I have verified that the Word documents show various text turned into true hyperlinks. I hover over them in Word and see the URL and I can right-click and edit hyperlink which pulls up a screen displaying the URL the text is going to. 


            I checked and my Acrobat is configured to "Create Links from URLs" but not sure this is affecting anything since they appear to be true links in the authoring application.


            I also looked for Tools - Document Processing - Create Links from URLs....but under my Acrobat Pro -  Tools, there is no "Document Processing".  I checked under all the headings under Tools and none say "Create Links from URLs".


            Wondering whether Word's built-in Create PDF function could somehow be corrupted since the links are being converted, just aren't editable.

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              Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

              If you don't see "Document Processing", try View>Show/Hide>Tools>Document Processing - does that bring up the missing panel?


              If you are converting from Word to PDF using Word's own converter, then all bets are off, try using Adobe's PDFMaker (the Acrobat item on Word's toolbar or ribbon), which can be configured to convert Word links to PDF links.

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                LBarton Level 1

                Okay, I apparently had to add the Document Processing panel to the Tools thru the drop-down at the top right.


                I have ran Create Links from URLS on the PDF now and some links (which were full URLs) now show up as editable. Great!! Thank you!!

                However, any text (doesn't look like a URL) which were links are still links and still not editable.  So close!!


                I may have to manually remove the textual links in the Word document before I convert it and then manually add them back in my javascript.

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                  LBarton Level 1

                  Sorry, also meant to say that I am using Word's built-in Acrobat tab - Create PDF to convert my documents into PDF format. My preferences are set under Settings to Add Links.

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                    Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

                    After I posted my question about what converter, I realized that you had that in your original question. Sorry about that. I just did a quick test with my Acrobat X, and it works correctly. What version of Word and operating system are you using?


                    I would try to repair my Acrobat installation. For Windows versions of Acrobat, you can do that by selecting the "Repair" function in Acrobat's Help menu. Does that change the behavior of links?

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                      LBarton Level 1

                      I have Word 2007 and Windows 7. I am not sure who authored the documents or what version of Word they used. They simply come to me as .docx files.


                      I will try running the Repair function to see if it changes anything.


                      Appreciate your responses!

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                        LBarton Level 1

                        Well I ran the Repair and now I can edit all those links in that document in Acrobat. Guessing something got hosed in the application.


                        Thank you for your responses! Have a great Monday!!