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    Strange ...

      Specifically, going to youtube, flash movies will not play automatically (or even load) as they should. I am asked to download the latest version of flash. I go to the Adobe website and do. I get the automated flash movie that tells me flash is now installed. However going back to youtube, flash does to load. I can download flash as many times as I want but it won't automatically play or even load on youtube.

      I remember in setting up a network my brother messed around with many of the options on my computer. I fear he may have done something that is causing this strange problem. Before I had a firewall (I believe it was a firewall) that alerted me in a small horizontal box at under the URL address bar that a download file was incoming. Clicking on this bar would allow me to download the file. Using this method I was able to install flash and the flash movies would then play normally. I am no longer prompted, but files are downloaded automatically. However I don't know how to reset my computer options to how they were before or even know if that is the problem.

      Could anyone help? Thank you in advance.