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    Unable to use Sony Ereader TS-3 with WiFi


      I have had a Sony Ereader (TS-3 with WiFi) for several years now, and recently when I try to upload a book from my Library-OverDrive (using the WiFi), the title and cover-image comes up on the eReader's Home screen, but when I try to access it, the access is denied.  The Adobe connection keeps requiring my ID and P/W....but when I insert it, it just repeats itself with the same window asking for my ID and P/W.  I have checked with Adobe and I am able access my account with the  same ID and P/W..............so I am not sure what is happening....nor how to correct it.   There does not seem to be any way of contacting an Adobe human being to settle the situation.

      Even when I upload a book to my ReaderPC app, and then transfer it to my Ereader via a USB cable, I am unable to access the book.  It give me the same ID song and P/W dance.


      HELP !!!!