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    Dynamically rotating/zooming camera to a certain position


      I am having some difficulties with dynamically zooming on a 3D model. I want to zoom back to a predefined camera position after the user has orbited and zoomed around the model freely using the mouse, with animation.

      I have a frame handler that moves and rotates the camera in several steps (i.e. with a maximum "speed"), back to the desired position, by comparing the camera's current XYZ position with target XYZ.

      This works, but if I want to zoom back to a position where the camera is still rotated, the zooming animation is far from smooth. It tends to move from left to right, back and forth, until it reaches its final position. I want to have it move in a STRAIGHT line.

      Does anyone know how to accomplish this? I guess I would need to calculate some kind of path, but I can imagine there is a Lingo method to do this.

      Thank you