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    Character Animator: Live via Syphon

    Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

      Note: This information pertains to the upcoming Preview 4 release. Syphon support is available only on the Mac operating system.



      You can send a live feed of a Character Animator scene to any Syphon client. Syphon is an open-source Mac OS X technology that allows applications to share video frames with one another in real time.


      No additional configuration of Character Animator is necessary to enable this functionality – just open the scene in the Scene panel, then run your Syphon client (e.g., a live video application) and choose the Character Animator “Scene” as its frame source (Syphon server).


      As you perform in front of the webcam or control your puppets with mouse and keyboard, the Syphon client will show the scene as it appears in the Scene panel.



      • The Scene panel must be visible to see the scene’s content live.
      • What you see of the scene in the Scene panel, including zoom level, is sent directly to Syphon clients.
      • If the output is too soft, adjust the width and/or height of the Scene panel by one pixel. This is a bug in Preview 4 for non-Retina displays.


      For more information on Syphon, see the http://syphon.v002.info/ site.