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    Hierarchy and Symbols

    edo86087683 Level 1

      What is the hierarchy, or rather, the functions of certain symbols in the ACA?

      For example, the difference of a + sign with two ++?
      It is necessary to create a layer, then set a point with the pen tool, since clicking directly in the figure, set to shape, it automatically creates a layer?

      Is there any difference between the layers in the form of building them?

      Sometimes an Origin point causes deformations in a head shape, for example. Is there any basic error committed and for that to happen and how to fix?

      There is a detailed list of symbols codes with their proper explanations and functions only for the work done on the PS?

      (Note: usually only work with Photoshop to build my characters).

      Thank you

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          A lot of this stuff is being de-emphasized in the upcoming Preview 4 release this summer. We realize how painful it is to rig things in Photoshop or Illustrator - Character Animator is much better suited for this stuff.


          + is just a way to call something "warp independent" - meaning it can move on its own.  ++ is the equivalent of adding + to every child of the parent group, but we don't really encourage that any more (I know we need to update some of our examples to reflect this).


          Yes, your pen tool method works fine, but in PV4 you won't need to do this anymore - you'll see and be able to move the origin of any group inside CH.


          Unwanted deformation is usually a hierarchy or mesh issue - CH thinks a mesh is a different shape than expected, or is in a group or something that is pulling it the wrong way. Again, this will be easier to diagnose and fix in PV4 with the new attach styles, so you have more control how things connect via the weld, pivot, and free attach styles - as well as a new staple tool that attaches stuff together much easier (it's my go-to tool for "fix this weird attach problem).


          The "Preparing Your Artwork" help doc has the full layout and info we currently recommend: Prepare artwork in Adobe Character Animator


          Hope that helps!

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            edo86087683 Level 1






            Thank you one more time for elucidating some of my doubts.

            Yesterday, build a character that was working perfectly with the mesh agreement and all "dirt" difficult to detect eliminated. I saved and opened today with the modified mesh and character with distortions to move.
            I spent hours trying to identify the problem, since it was all right yesterday.
            Separated layer by layer in other files, created backgrounds of various colors to try to find some point of dirt and enlarged what I could.

            Anyway, I suspect that should rebuild it from scratch to time if it works as before.

            But that's another topic ... maybe another outburst.

            I look forward to this new version as well as tutorials to come. Although not quite understand English, yet it gives to catch something far as possible. (Again, for text, I use the translator)

            I'm also eager to publish my projects for appreciation of colleagues.

            Thank you


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              edo86087683 Level 1

              And another question without making another topic, why the CH do not have a SAVE for extra settings?

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                oksamurai Employee Moderator

                Thanks for your patience. This is why we are still a "preview" - we know we have a lot of work left to do.


                Rigging a character is still a time-consuming and tricky process, and we're working on ways to take the guesswork out of that. In PV4 you can right-click on any layer to "reset it" - which tends to fix any weird sync issues you get (it saved me on a character this morning).


                We have decided to take an always-saving workflow to give users one less thing to worry about, but a) if you go to Window > History you'll see we keep track of your whole history, making it easy to revert any changes, and b) in PV4 you will have a "Save As" option which will package up all your linked art and save a copy of your project.

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                  edo86087683 Level 1

                  I who should thank you for your attention and patience, OK,

                  looking forward to the new preview. I hope also that my questions will help in something in the process. I shall be self deceiving me to believe so to feel a little more happy,

                  if you want to know something, this is my page on Behance: https://www.behance.net/ed_ondo

                  I do not put a lot has to consider an outdated ing according to what I've been doing lately, now being seduced by the world of animation.

                  Thank you again.